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Cat sitting in your neighbourhood?

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A responsible cat sitter takes care of your cats in your home

  • Your cat won't experience the stress of a cat hotel
  • Your home is more secure with a cat sitter checking in daily
  • Cat sitters bring in mail, water plants, and provide other home care services

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Cat sitting means that a pet sitter comes to your house in order to feed your cat, play with them and clean their litter box. This happens for a set amount of time, once or even several times a day, depending on the individual needs.

Why cat sitting?

While you are travelling or in emergency situations: There are many possible reasons why you might need a cat sitter. Most often, you will need somebody to care for your cat while you are travelling, whether it’s a business trip, an extended family visit or a relaxed holiday. Other reasons might be that you need to stay at the hospital or have a similar emergency situation.

Whatever the reason, you can count on your Pawshake petsitter!

Why not board? Cats are territorial by nature and they are very sensitive to changes in their environment. Staying at a boarding kennel or pet hotel is very stressful for most cats. There’s also an increased risk of contracting a disease or parasites. With cat sitting, your puss receives loving care in their familiar home environment.

Special needs? No problem! Cat sitting offers loving, fun and safe care for your cat. All of their needs are taken into account, even for cats who have special needs, such as medication.

How does cat sitting work?

Free Meet & Greet: The first step is to search for a host in your area who suits your needs and is available. Contact them and arrange a Meet & Greet so you, your cat and the prospective cat sitter can get to know each other and you can determine whether the sitter is a good match for you.

Pay through Pawshake: If you all get along well, book and pay safely via Pawshake.

Top cat sitting tips:

  • Stock enough cat food and kitty litter for the duration of the sitting and let your cat sitter know where to find it. They will need precise cat feeding instructions as well.
  • Radio on for the cat's entertainment? Shutters open or closed? Empty the letterbox and water the plants? Make precise agreements on what you expect from your cat sitter.
  • Remember to give the cat sitter an emergency contact number and the details of your cat’s vet, just in case.

Know what Kitty is up to: While your cat receives daily visits, your cat sitter will send you daily text and/or photo updates via the Pawshake website or app so you don't need to worry about them.

Why Cat sitting via Pawshake?

Trusted, vetted and insured: On Pawshake you can find trusted and vetted cat sitters in your area. Your cat is covered by our Premium Pet Protection insurance during the entire stay.

No need to feel bad: A dedicated pet sitter can be a great alternative to a friend or relative watching the cat, since many cat owners are embarrassed about asking them to do it and they may be less conscientious.

The Pawshake guarantee

  • Local Sitters
  • Fully Insured
  • Peace of Mind

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